Maria Callas / performer / soprano

American – greek Maria Callas was the most impressive Soprano voice in decades after Second Worldwar with a special warm sound witch extremly rich overtones spectrum witch means a bright sharp tone high end quality as result.I compare this with spanish guitar Flangiolet effect witch makes this special overtones spectrum in a similar way.A kind of german „ü“ ( ue) or englisch „y“.A lot of biggest name soprano singers are doing a kind of Jodel vibrato with pitch and not with amplitude of loudness.I guess this is much easier with less power and discipline.This depends also by school obviously.Rather big names are doing it perfectly wrong in intensity.Not Maria Callas.Alternatively high notes are realy hard to bear.Intonation quality is on perfect level most times.If you want to see me glad then a soprano has to deliver more or less those traits perfectly ( with less precise intonation Netrebko, Schäfer, Damrau… but also technical leading Mezosopranos Garanca and Bartoli.) Maria Callas is till today the international referece for female Belcanto voices.As far as I know she was performing itallian and french works, but less german austrian world.There are recordings in acceptable quality.Those are to prefere.

OFD This list is still incomplete. Ps : My ears are quite precise.But Im not a Belcanto singer at all bymyself.Have you seen my tonal Opera VERITAS online ( complete Demo ) .Its for normal orchestra and male and femal leading Belcanto singers , not for composer.Im the biggest Mastrubator in this world like painted by Salvador Dali unfortunatelly.Its online as playlist VERITAS at or

Otto Klemperer – conductor

Conductor Otto Klemperer was in time of Karajan and late Furtwängler one of the biggest names in conductors world.He also one of the first choice concerning his interpretations of Wagner.There are recordings of acceptable standard.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.

Laura Pausini – performer

Laura Pausini is probably most important femal voice of Italy in entertainment segment of music.Best European harmonics and most sophisticated tender arrangement.Music for music lovers.An european enlightement.

Most important tunes :

Siamo noi,
Ricorda mi,
Come si fa,
Il mia baglio piu grande,
Tra te  il mare,
Per Vivere…
I need love,
You are my angel ,                                                                                     you are my joy love can bring,
Till the day I let you go ( European quint sequencies ),
How I ever could say goodbye ( english version update                     Solitudine,                                                                                      Inaccessibile,                                                                                               Its not good,                                                                                               One more time,                                                                                                She / uguale a lei ,                                                                                       Surrender to love,                                                                                               Io Canto,                                                                                                    Ascolta il tue,                                                                                            Primavera,                                                                                                Una ergenza d’amore,                                                                                     Non ho mei,                                                                                                 Ben venuto,                                                                                               Celeste,                                                                                                    Reste in ascolto,                                                                                   Limpido,                                                                                                       Sono non le,                                                                                                     Vivimi vivime

O.F.D –

Arturo Toscanini – conductor

Arturo Toscanini was the leading itallian conductor of the Nazi time at Fashism inventor Mussolini.He was be seen with Furtwängler as leading conductor of that period till Karajan rised.Arturo Toscanini left Italy protesting against Mussolini / Hitler.He died in 1957.Therefore there are recordings of acceptable quality.

Most important Recordings :

I have on CD Messa di Requiem / Verdi performed by Arturo Toscanini recorded in 1940 but there are later recordings.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.

Wilhelm Furtwängler – conductor / composer

Willhelm Furtwängler was the most important conductor authority in Germany before of Rise of Karajan who was NSDAP member.Wilhelm Furtwängler wad not in favor for Hitler,bad for his career but he didt went away like it did itallian leading conductor Toscanini feeling like whole generation rather german and bound to Bach Mozart Beethoven Wagner tradition as musician.Unfortunaltelly his tonal composings are more famous in Cinema world than in music world.As musician he was during worldwar with his tonal composings useful for german propaganda versus experimental work of Schönberg , Alban Berg , Webern like 12 tone alternative. Nevertheless his composings are too good to forgett it composed with great know how concerning modulation at least.Cause Furtwängler died with 1954 composing till the end there are technically original recordings of acceptable quality more or less.

Most important recodings :

I have Richard Wagner recordings on CD performed by him latest 1943 Bayreuth Meistersinger of Nürnberg opera and 1942 Stockholm Tristan and Isolde Opera.

Most important composings:

Pianococerto Nr. 1 B – minor,
Piano Quintett C – major ( 1938 ),
Symphony Nr. 1 B – minor ,
Symphony Nr. 2 E – minor ( 1944 ),
Symphony Nr. 3 C- sharp minor ( 1954 )

Those works are recorded meanwhile by Sawallish conductor and Barenboim etc.

O.F.D This list ist still incomplete

Herbert von Karajan – conductor

Herbert von Karajan was more accepting Nazi Regime in Austria then german composing top conductor Furtwängler or R.Strauss,being member of NSDAP.
Concerning quality he stands for perfection concerning modern recording and performing.Concerning style it seems that his interpretations are prefering melody voice and not harmonical background makeing it simply louder.Someteimes then its easier to get, sometimes fine art is a bit destroyed in my opinion.He was with jewish american Bernstein and some otheres the most important conductor personality of his generation being head of both best orchestras worldwide Vienna Philharmonis and Berlin Philharmonics simultanously, till he was insisting on Prof. S. Meyer / clarinettes in orchestra.Apart from that he was most important figure concerning Opera Festival Salzburg where he is born after second world war.His assistant was Thielemann with Muti best conductor of our time for standard works especially deep Beethoven / Strauss / Wagner performing.A.S. Mutter, leading woman at the violon was an invention of him.Concerning second world war he said that he was musician in first line voting for german or european music genius ( and not for Freud theory madness , sulblimated perversion as source of intelligence or talent instead of seldom genes, in this field I add ).On the other hand he was stressing in interview that he worked well together with jews in orchestra.He said main reason for his membership was injustice of Versailles treaty ending first world war like for most people.But in respect he stayed away from composing saying that his style would be Beethoven Mozart continuity what is not possible for him.He left composing to respected jewish american conductor Bernstein officially till he died in 1989.His widow Eliette von Karajan is using his heritage for an own additive Salzburg festival each year with quite experimental music .


Pablo Casals – performer

Pablo Casals was one of the most known remarkable violoncello performer.
For further generations he is one of the most important references.Pablo Casals died in 1973.Therefore there are some remarkable recordings of his performing art.Those are to prefer.