Jackson 5

Jackson 5 are an american r&B soul boy group raised in the 70th and 80th consisting of 5 older brothers of famous solo M. Jackson plus little MJ himself. Youngest Janet J. and La Toya J. were not member,Remarkable pop music family.

Most important tunes :


I want you back


Il be there

Never can say goodbye

Aint no sunshine when she’s gone ( Original Bill Withers )


Blaim it on the boogie


One more chance

We can change the world

This place hotel

Nothing that compares to you


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Robbie Williams – former Take That member

Robbie Williams is a most remarkable british solo performer raised as member of successful boy casted group Take that originally.Not only his brit pop performances but music quality as well are aiming to perfection.


Most important tunes :


Heart and I


Love light



Sexed up


Mr bojangels ( original Sammy Davis Junior )




Evry day…


Rock DJ


No regrets


Let me entertain you




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Common Linnets

Common Linnets are a group from Netherlands winning recently second place at ESC European Song Competition biggest music TV show contest around planet.Concerning style and quality its not too much to pretend a European Fleedwood Mac with nice choir or duett settings .In my knowledge they have presented two albums up to now. Most important is first second has not same incredible quality overall .As composing man for more than 40 years I say first album was lifetime work for breakthrough.Then fast next album to keep in mind…Let’s wait and see.

Most important tunes :

Calm of the storm

Hungry hands

Still loving after you

Broken but home

Lovers and love

Give me a reason to write

We don’t make the wind blow

Soho Walz

Hearts on fire

In your eyes


O.F.D – Oliver frederic Dieck / composer : Hey Common Linnets-: You will actually like some songs in Golden Age album or Strange Rock songs.If its hard to present fast same quality.Im proud if you are performing…



ESC 2017 – European Song Contest 2017 – Grand Prix de la Eurovision 2017 :

O.F.D : Salvador Sobral for Portugal was winning ESC 2017 with a remarkable quality song composed by his sister probably best composed by female ever resembling to level and style of Nat king cole a la potugaisch.First of all I agree with his sentebnce this is a winning of music against fast food music with automatical arrangements by computer without much difference.Apart from his rematkable evergreen work I havent heard a band like NethelandsCommonLinnets quite precisely EuropeanFleedwood Mac worldclass.But apart from maybee three first places it was completelly politics madness without any reference to music quality.Its a wrong structure.Probably also eastern Europe dealing together in old Jugoslavia and old Soviet Union.I urgent support to apply a weight of vote in relation to percentage of people within Europe.Small states have small vote big states have big vote in precise proportion.The old Russia old Jugoslavia trick doesnt work and its probably more reasonable.In Germany we should admit talented people instead of dull ignorants…6 point one more than Spain.Next Ukrain has 36….Concerning music Denmark ,Greece,Italy ,Sweeden,a bit Bulgary was rather remarkable and first time without Auschwitz points Israel witch will withdraw in future.Ranking is absolutelly crazy „Wikllkür “ this is a severe crime in Europe and also within Germany without any relation to shown music quality even showcase.Remarkable for me was Alma ( Mater ) from France.She was resembling to young Andrea Schmidt daughter of Prof Reiner Schmidt ( state law Germany / Antidiscrimination  ) most important and influencial in Germany Mr. Art 3 GG.This girl is also von und zu Castel ( Wuerzburg emperor of Germany / Unesco ) I didnt took her as wife decades ago cause i didnt know her.She was requesting to ask her pa….evry time when we met from 1982 -1992 precisely.Now daughter and pa think that Im mad a gay or both…..But a fist in my face was the romanian song and show.It was baqvarian Jodeln from Rumania.I begged whole time that she will stop singing.Without singing she was great and without clothes… Can we pleas shut this down reinstalling a working European Song contest for composers refering to music ? Thank you.I expect a competition with refers to real music quality.Not to anything else but music.
Levina / Germany keep a stiff lipp.It was not bad and defintely not your fault.O.F.D – Composer
Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck
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