Relaunch of OFD music channel of composer O.F.D after criminal Youtube assault

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Hello music fans ,professors,friends,bands,orchestras ,professionals ,polititians  At day of Trump madness to ban even UN / evrybody who is working with Iran my Youtube account was shot down.Its criminal madness.I dont know what I should have done wrong.I think for many reasons Trump is not a president thats all estimateing following to his possibilities.Im not a jew,But I realy dont know a single arab or mohamedan man personally as far as I know.I gues my crime is  genius of the century presenting more than 400 music videos with my work on Youtube.Amoung that works better than almost evrything of last 100-200 years.And a huge amount of Pop Rock Jazz .. out of my work.And its meonly even played.-Too much for dullheads.In addition there were some personal videos searching a woman for me….Ok Youtube is dead for me .I have informed even friends at UNESCO.Now almost evry music is in better quality on site like before organised in CDs but without Youtube.Onsite in addition a personal Video in better quality.Soon professional mastermixed recordings but not for free as my advertiseing.Its better now but my 50.000 cklicks are awyay now. Forget about Americans.Maybee we should take those Britains installing their isle in front of Newyork isnt it ? On the liberty island.The statue is present of european French people.They dont need it anymore how it seems.There is nothing in Great Britain and USA what I cannot do better or equal.But I can do things which are impossible for continents America ,Australia,Africa,Asia up to now especially for mad religious jews.I hate thieves and criminals PS :Soon after itervention of main polititians of earth I will set directly to . I think I must stress that Im not prefering KGB Dictatorship of Putin .But I cant see any difference .Neutral Europe with human rights !

Your genius of the century.At least music composeing

Oliver Frederic Dieck from Munich,Germany still Sozial Democrats SPDand hetero and not his opposite.Absolutelly true.My home is Europe and I want to stay here.