2015 – Dear performers and dear O.F.D audience :

Last years were full of events terrorism against me,robbery and now obviouslky abuse of medicin.Anyway.I was stronger and now evrything is better bigger and more.But I want to inform you protesting also for my security.My enemies are obviously not thinkers of educated middle Europe elite,more or less thinking like mad terrorists an brutal madness criminals from other continents in prison and clinics.After thieves assasination of 2013 at Augsburg returned from Musikmesse Frankfurt to SPD party day in running elections campaign for maximum conservative Bavaria and Germany concerning music suitcase with Laptop and head stroke ( Kleinhirn ) problem in 2014 witch was maybee also a millitary attac originally,evrything is larger bigger better ! It was a lot of work cause I didnt want to open my copyright securities in a wild way without Notariat advocat. It was best answer to optimize evrything and to work hard going on fast.Maybee I must admit my mind stroke problem,it was realy hard for me for a while to stay balanced, was maybee also result of to much work and a bit bad hazards.But I fear it was mad assault by gas by politically ideology and concerning believe protection millitant idiots…

The results inspite of that :
VERITAS OPERA 30 airs / ouverture ( V. 2013 ),
DEUS GENITOR MUNDI – oratory ( V. 2014 ),
JEUNESSE 25 early pino pieces ( V. 2013 ),
GOLDEN AGE – 22 britpop hits ( V. 2014 ):

After thievery at Augsburg of my suitcase with laptop I had a lot to work.
I wrote some adds to Libretto Veritas concerning thieves and 3 further important airs,I did final Version of Jeunesse and final version of Oratory Deus Genitor Mundi.During winning soccer / footbal World championship with Germany as fan I wrote played sung album GOLDEN AGE ( Brit pop,composers answer to life time work of Beatles ).Then I had the stroke believing that’s a „Höhrsturz “ only.

EUROPE – 22 Europop / Schlager / Chanson songs ( V. 2014 ),
GOLDERNER WALZERTRAUM – 10 symphonic walzes ( V.2014 ):

In clinic MPI Max Planc Institute Neurology Munich 2 weeks I did 27 musc videos also for 5 works for album EUROPE.Then it was upload.
Soon in REHA (- bilitation ) Bad Heilbrunn 3 weeks I did complete new Edition and new works of album EUROPE,texts,18 videos and new Golden Walz Dream 4 REHABILITATIONSWALZER.I did final version of GOLDENER WALZERTRAUM 2015 10 symphonic walzes with videos and at home the singing and upload of EUROPE 18 still missing works.


Last but not least I did Strasbourg pianoconcerto final edition 2015.
Online music as playlists : www.o-f-d.de , www.OliverFredericDieck.de

I have obviously no human rights cause Im good for centuries isnt it ?
Can this be in middle EUROPE ?