ESC- European Song Contest 2016 – critics and evaluation

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In ESC 2016 my home country Germany was set as one of big 5 top nations in any case without qualification rounds like the others.

In first qualification Pre round levels concerning production performance and composing wwere absolutelly international :

Aserbaidschan ( Finalist ) Samara / Miracle was beaming with a sweedish world hit.

Cyprus ( Finalist ) Minus One / Alter Ego best rock  at ESC

Malta  ( Finalist ) Ira Losco / Walk on water presented world hit refrain

Austria ( Finalist ) Zoe Straub a Brigitte Bardot / Loin d’ici

Finnland with SANDY was presenting good song with not professional singer performance like done by myself unfortunatelly. .French jewish Amir was not bad as musician bad not a good singer concerning intonation on stage.Hungary was presenting world class singer with medium song.

Second qualification Pre Round was also dominated like in first part by realy professional quality in biggest music party on stage.Almost all nations have showwn a medium song ,almost not a single bad song.Germany contribute with 16 years old Lee is not bad but all in all there were almost 15-20 worldhits with top performers on stage  :

Lithauen / Lithuvia ( Finalist ) Danny Mortel / I ‚ve been waiting for this night Hit

Ukraine ( Finalist ) Jamala / 1944 – rather impressive and political – Hit !

Belgium ( Finalist )  Laura Tesoro / What’s the pressure  Hit !

Australia ( Finalist ) – Dami Im / Sound of Silence ( new Donna Summer  new Europe  )  HIt !

Germany ( Finalist ) with Jamie Lee was presenting a medium good song

UK ( Finalist ) Joe and Jake / You are not alone –  Hit !

Italy ( Finalist )  a Laura Pausini answer

On the other hand further ones were discriminated.At least  Slovenia ,Albania,Norway ,Lativa ( Finalist good singer ),Belarus showing a top video show additionally.

Final Round ESC

First of all I have to stress that this ESC was the best music contest ever even better than Grammy.For me and all other musicians its most intensive hell not a hard contest .Its chaos or the other way round  if real world music quality in this contest makes no difference if there is no relation betwen quality and final ranking success.Last year winner Mans Zelmaloew / Sweden with HERO and Justin Timbrlake with his best song ever I cant stop the feeling were performing too.But it was not a positive nfluence in the end.Last time Common Linnets from Netherlands made second place with their Fleedwood Mac kind remarkable song.But we Gernmans were discriminated with  Black Smoke performed at home by Anne Sophie.In the show evrything was different finally..We made last place.This time again with medium work.In my vote as musician Jamala / 1944 winning for Ukraine was Ok.Second place for Dani Im from Australia with End of silence too.Even Laura Tesoro / Belgiuome things are Europe contest and not world charts.Some things are local taste and hazard..But our song Germany last place again ? UK world hit place before us with Ausria ?Ira Losco Malta was a World hit like Danny Mortell from Lithuana,Minus One from Zyprus was rock and this is not ESC normally .But it was good ! And whats about this most mad voteing for Russia in last minute´? Its Manipulation and crazyness well organised only.Politics and manmusicians and European people.Even some results on top were not simply crazy.Some of the top qulities were honuored ???! Then nobody of first class musicians will join this mad house.

Im best composer in this world.Realy sad for me.Its mad house and manipulation only.A crime .

PS: I have severe human rights problems in Germany based on historical hate A good proposal of mine for ESC eould be : Die Schauer in der Nacht out of my composers Album Strange Rock Songs ( online ).If Silbermond will perform it its a bargain.Same with songs like Karavane Unbekannt,Majas,Where are you now,….out of my composers album Europe if Frida Gold is performing.But my home is Europe.Do you need a best song? Have you a performer financement and human rights ? Discriminsated and good onres can come to me.Im forced to build a own mega label without madness and political manipulation.Music !

O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck – the tonal music composer / Europe DE ,