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Im Oliver Frederic Dieck from Germany  probably the leading music composer all in all.For historical reasons I had extrem criminal experiences.Therefore Im in favor for not manipulated not political or religious contests in deed.I cannot detect any manipulation In Israel in first Semifinal Tel Aviv.Its fair and reasonable as far as I can see .I gues this  is first time for decades.There were 17 members needing to qualify for final.Germany is one of 5 big members of about 43 who are set for final in evry case.

I was impressed by Slovenia,Belarus,Tschecs,Greece,Serbia,Cyprus.Island was realy good technically.In my view it was maso sado punk rock.Not my direction personally.But it was certainly professional. San Marino song was professional too.But and this was not the only with problems to hit the notes precisely the tooth doctor singer was more or less a private man singer fullfilling his dream.One hand it was remarkable on the other hand not in my view.Differences to my personal view are  : Australia is a guest.This opera diva was not quite good as Belting singer ( pop rock etc. ) The song was remarkable crazy bad.I gues show was intense.I would prefere Finnland in this case.Better song less show.But it seems that ESC in Israel wants to be as honest as possible this time sticking to the music facts. And this is what evry musician expects.Maybee influence of history and poltics will be less this time.Its a peaceful music contest.The worlds largest.

Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck

PS : Apart from music production mastermix mixing … Im learning Belting singer thosetimes.This doesnt take decades like opera singer.Im best composer as far as I can see all in all.This is content.Professional releases eqivalent to state of the art standards on market are a lot more in fact. Sometimes song is less important for succes cause industry on lower levels as entry to market and market itselve  is filtering with technical view of recording not by song quality.Then a good show is needed with good performers.Naturally this is work of recording labels.Im working hard.Ok a new big qualified label.

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