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 As long as professional juries had saying and in both Semi Finals my result as quite similar to the final.There were certain differences with reasons but it was logical and reasonable.Not the final after public voteing.This should be democracy but its certainly perfect chaos thosetimes.Its not the problem that our song sisters was one of 15 medium songs.Germans got 4 place of the end corresponigng to 4.place from the top of last ESC.We Germans got ZERO points by public vote by phones.This is resonable with discqualification only..Those are hadicaped but good.Its the extreme Chaos difference beteween publich and professional voteing.Im shure its not an israel invention.Its maybee manipulated to hazard random but it was similar elsewere.The real traits music qualities are not relevant.Evrything is chaos and random.(  said my opinion officially www.diemusikkritik.de but I didnt vote by phone this time.Netherlands was one of my 5 favorites but more Sweeden,Aserbaidschan and Northern Mazedonia.Results of public voteing were not resonable at all.Maybee you should change the rules towards reason far away from greek chaos.I shure it was
not official Israel.They did a great job inTel Aviv.For me as musician its important that a music contest and evrything else is fitting to the facts without manipulation or madness.Otherwise it makes no sense.Concerning Israel I advice to present Shalva next time officially.They were handicaped but not in Musicat all.Im for reasonable just fair results not for chaos madness and sthe opposite evrybody is exchangeing with neighbour.
Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck ( O.F.D ) best composer