Important for music composing students / tone setting students / arrangement students and professors :

Dear music #composing / #arrangement / #tonesetting #students and #professors on earth :

0) Im music lover and best composer on this earth probably for more than 100 years.This is fruit of my own mind and talent ,researching on my own beginning in an age of 5 with composing in a completely manipulated culture world in middle Europe cause of Second World war argumentations.This was neccessary cause normal tradition was cut artificially here.I dont want that music is dying.Therefore I give you some most important infos to save music ability on this planet.

1) There is no connection between #virtuosity of a composer and composing quality.Its neccassary to know almost evry wellknown instrument best piano second best guitar.But virtuosity is irrelevant.

2) You can learn at music #university virtuosity only and maybee conducting.Admission to university in music means that you are playing 2 instruments quite perfectly.G.Verdi got no admission to the conservatory of Milano which is now called Verdi conservatory.

3) This basical level for admission for music university you can only reach if you are beginning with hard work 3-8 hours a day beginning in an age of 2 – 4 ( worldclass top level ) then #conservatory etc. for a while having in addition a bit talent.That means you need musicians as parents or a real money well educated background as parents.Most important aspect : Money.

4) Normally your professors for virtuosity at the instrument or concerning your voice are doing quite well. ( Fassbaender , J. Fischer … ) They know what they are saying.Therefore this works.Julia was shown to me as my wife when she was 12.With 15 again and I said Ok I will write my Violinconcerto for her.Soon there will be a perfect final version online.I did this with synthesizer keyboard originally in quality Mendelsohn / Tschaikowsky / Brahms .I came back when she was 21 about.Then they told me she is my biological daughter thinking that she is russian jewish female revenge… ? Its precisely possible in Gauting 1982.She was till year in conservatory Augsburg.Then she got admission at Munich music university.During I was present she got her dimplom examination there as honor , cause she was still ( youngest ) professor for violin at Frankfurt.Meanwhile she is head professor for Violin in Munich as follower of her female russian professor.She knows maybee not what she is saying for several reasons but not concerning the violin.This works.

5) Concerning composing and arrangement its completelly different.Normal is attitude that a talented person would do out of completelly wrong mad rules of katholic middleage choir setting etc good music.The absolutelly crazy or not rather perfect rules are not in question.If you are doing this disciplined this will wipe out all talent you have perfectly.Its important that you are studeing this when you are a quite good composer having enough self confidence out of your own work to ignor rubbish and to use what is usefull.Otherwise this will kill you.

6) Apart from heritage / genes for talent in arts field more or less only one thing was helpful at least for composers : You are talented enough and you are going to a real master learning directly as his pupil.This works also in Jazz or Rock bands.Evrything else doesn’t work.Me bymyself extremly IQ talented was better cause I did evrything out of my own reinventing up to now whole music tradition of Europe and colonies like USA perfectly restarting Know how tradition after second world war but modern pop rock etc music up to now inclusively.Talents of intensity of at least a little Bach are to seldom.I was harder and stronger with mad enemies hating this truth.Normaly you shouldn’t try to do this in this hard pure way ( like Wagner too ).

7) It seems maybee rediculous for you.Evry crafts man thinks he is pupil of a real master who is doing perfecty more or less.This is not the case in music university unfortunatelly concerning composing / arrangement.


9) Composers professions : Two Bach sons , Händel , Schuhmann, Katschaturian , Tschaikowsky working in law ministery… were law students some till examination , Borodin was professor for chemistry and medicin… Schubert was teacher, J.Strauss Junior and Eduard S. Junior brothers did polytechnicum examinations in Vienna being engeneers.From there they were starting their walz world career.Berlioz was studeing medicin for a while.I did official studies in economics, sciences economiques , law ,programming ihk and some inofficial studies music independantly inclusivelly.Vincent Van Gogh one of the greatest painters ever a social reformer and hardminded paintings Jazzer sold 3 images during his lifetime.His most important images are selled for 35 – 70.000.000 Euro each today.After 10 years in professional mad poverty he made suizide.He was respected by his colegues only.Best german source for litterature Johann Wolgang von Goethe : Lawyer not studied Germanist. Its definetly not like in medicin, chemistry, physics or more or less engeneering !

10) What has worked in history up to now :

– Paul Mc. Cartney was 2 years in conservatory.More important Lennon and Harrisson not.Paul Mc Cartney one of the heads of Beatles has found his LIPA university cause of this reality.Maybee there is not completelly madness,cause he knows what he is saying.

– German conductor Thielemann leading at least concerning R.Strauss, Beethoven, Wagner interpretation was pupil / assistant of H. v. Karajan.

– Johann Sebatian Bach came out of a musicians kingdom dynasty .He had a problem with 10 as youngest son.Pa and Ma have died.But his oldest brother did his best to keep music tradition via familly alive.Bach was marrying two not bad composing females one after the other having 23 children, but a lot of them were dying cause of bad medicin in that period.One of that women was his cousine ( Base ).4 of his sons were best and most famous musicians on planet.Old Bach was famous during his life time only in musicians world but not in the public world.Via his children public world got full info concerning official God of music till now.One of those sons was developing sonata construction technique.Evry 1. movement of evry symphony and concerto is composed in this way.Haydn took this for development of modern symphony.No concerto no symphony without Bach sons.

– Austrian autodidactical Josef Haydn has found Vienna Classic educateing more talented Mozart and Beethoven,both out of musician famillies with great tradition.

– Not rather good itallian composer Antonio Salieri living in time of Mozart and be seen as a kind of successful pop M. Jackson was educateing Beethoven, Hummel ,Schubert, Liszt. Don’t choose somebody worse as teacher!

11) Last but not least : I had mad enemies for historical second world war and ideology reasons.My life is extremly hard.I was harder and therefore I got no depressions and no suizide attitude ignoring mad pressure.Its not necessaryly so.But looking on people like Schubert, he died before his music reached public glory, I want to give you a further advise : If you have a rich backgroud financement your chances to survive are bigger.If music epecially composing makes you rich in your heart and glad building deep harmony in your soul than you are probably talented.This gave independant stability to you ignoring outside world ,enough to survive hard times.Even Anna Netrebko was working as cleaner girl till she had success.Without that this can kill you if you are not realy lucky knowing somebody in business letting you in behaving somtimes like God then, cause thousands are waiting.Music business is doing business without knowning much concerning music.Senior #A&R is maybee knowing what he is saying.Others will evaluate you being absolute ignorants following to formal things : What is the sound of first 3 seconds of your recording : Professional state of the art ? Like evrybody ? En Vogue ? Looks like a star ? Sex sells ,where is the sex ? For classical interpreters : Which contests you have won ? Normally you will for a long period deal with dull bad educated people thinking “ he wants to do arts.He is dangerously crazy.Business is Mac Donalds etc and big society names / marketing.We are makeing money doing business here.This is a verry hard business.Make your arts somewhere else…“ If you can produce your work doing the financement you are chief : Money.Therefore a lot of musicians are romantical communists hateing all that.Me bymyself Im more in the midst german SPD democrats man what is danger for life in Bavaria if you are not rediculos.Democracy Bavarian version.

Yours sincerly O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck tonal composer / arranger ( more than 300 O.F.D music videos ) or