Laura Pausini – performer

Laura Pausini is probably most important femal voice of Italy in entertainment segment of music.One of the best open hearted voices worldwide.Im personally deply impressed of that woman like Girgio Armani and half Itallian elite who was helping and impressed by Eric Buffat composer of most important album.Is that my brother Reinhard ( Muffat hall munich ) ? Unfortunatelly JENNY is not written by me.Best European harmonics and most sophisticated tender arangement.Music for music lovers.An european enlightement.

Most important tunes :

Siamo noi,
Ricorda mi,
Come si fa,
Il mia baglio piu grande,
Fra te e il mare,
Per Vivere…
I need love,
You are my angel ,you are my joy love can bring,
Till the day I let you go ( European quint sequencies ),
How I ever could say goodbye ( english version update )

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Dear Laura if composer Eric died his lifetime work needing other composers now : -> playlist EUROPE etc . Best wishes to best of pop Italy.