Ryan Inglis / singer / songwriter / guitar teacher

Ryan Inglis is one of the best street Guitar singer / songwriters living much better than Ed Sheran.Winner of Frankfurt Slam contest,Munich …Good composer ,guitar virtuoso handmade world class .The friendly openminded  man is coming from UK South West staying in Munich Bavaria Germany.Ryans material is available to buy on spotify and I-tune www.ryaninglis.com . We met several times In Munich SPD Isar party performimg.This is my party ( Democrats ).I guess he is not a Nazi…good collegue, realy.


Best songs heard :

Secret ( arranged sophisticated )

Fear ( owerwhelmingly on stage in newest version )


For you

Dear Ryan Inglis.Secret is fully arranged.Fear not .. I will arrange all that for you for free presenting it to you as proposal for your fine art work and for arts.Next time CD.Im looking for performer and co composers team people.Question : Guess you are for Europe… Im composer arranger.less singer / Keyboarder.www.o-f-d.de For you maybee : Golden Age,Strage Rock Songs etc.

Friendship grettings to Sakia Götz Violine