U2 – Bono

U2 is a irish rock formation around singer Bono and the Edge.They invented a
new styl with fast rock power riffs ,marvellous drums and bass.Grown up with protestants – katholics conflict Bono uses his influece on United Nations level.

Most important tunes :

Where streets have no name,
With or without you,
In the name of love,
4th of July,
New years day,
Beautiful day,
Bloody sunday,
Walk on,
Stuck in a moment,
If you feel loved,
Last night on earth

Hey U2: It was necessary to take a realy seldom special A-level in Bavaria Munich also cause of religious wars ( Im a bit Lutheran and SPD democrats ). To party concerning this most seldom win I bought your album in 1987 „The Joshua tree“.( Where the streets have no name, With or without you,Im still having fond what Im looking for…) I guess you are for peace and reason.I have lernt from you .Move on. – O.F.D