Xavier Naidoo / Söhne Mannheims – Sabrina Setlur

South africa born black coloured #XavierNaidoo is a german singer rised in Mannheim town with Söhne Mannheims Band.in my view he has a christian view on things makeing things better doing Hiphop Rap pop in Gernman language.Apart from Söhne Mannheims Band Sabrina Setlur is important part of his sourounding.Meanwhile he did a remarkable TV german show at VOX TV Sing my song presenting most established singers on german market produceing better versions of songs quite often.Its a small institution.

Most important tunes I found :


Bitte hör nicht auf zu träumen

Frei sein / Sabrina Setlur

Sie sieht mich einfach nicht

Wo willst Du hin


Last but not least : Dieser Song ist nur für Dich presented by a woman maybee for Xavier Naidoo ? Dont know but good !

Critics : We were in contact when he was singing : Allerletzte Warnung.I was criticiseing as economics and law student SPD democrats and musician that they were singing in German : Nazis are econiomists,lawyers etc telling professions of most chancellors of SPD to him….He was not amused.But it was only to prevent problems.Concerning music : Structure of songs is only a few cords not rather complex.Sometimes there is a good groove.But the several parts are similar   quite often and the hook melody lone is not driven to the maximum.The I hear something good or not bad but repeating till the end.Rst is quite ok.In that was are a lot of songs.Groove resemles to -SADE- od 80s but more modern.Those songs I am presenting to you as important  here are better as my criticism.


yours sinvcerly O.F.D – the music composer PS: www.o-f-d.de -> Black enough ? -> Die Liebe ist die Macht  etc ? Oliver…Sing my song