Andreas Bourani – singer

#AndreasBourani is Augsburg born and grown up being singer in Augsburger Domsingknaben choir near to birth house of father Leopold -Mozart- of famous son.

Critics : We met as far as I can remember at Augsburg during my law studies there decades ago at Kennedy place in front of opera house and court.His text was little fat boy same beard : You are crazy with your Mariah Carey.Im singer in Augsbuger Domsingknaben ! I was realy impressed.I was sceduled composer for complete work of Mariah Carey 170 Million Cds and inventor of h of Mariah Carey artist name in Munich Germany in 1986.I was famous composing  talent tip and her operasinger ma was staying in Munich.So we met directly.Germany and gay people as far as I could see were against it quite brutally.But I said to little fat boy.Andreas best go in a center town try to learn there.Augsburger Domsingknaben is not best school for world career as pop singer.And indeed he went to Berlin without school and he made it successfully ! Now an impressive grown man he is not accepting my songs till now.Dont know if we are friends or not.But I think hes quite ok.Oh Im realy not want to marry him.Im straight ! Maybee cause I was proposeing Strange Rock Songs to him ( ) Einfach glücklich sein,Die Schauer in der Nacht… lets wait and see.

Songs why he is thinking that he is not needing this :


Nur in meinem Kopf

Auf uns

Auf andern Wegen



O.F.D –