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TYDES sind eine symphatische junge Funk-Soul-Disco-Pop Band aus München. Die vier gutaussehenden Männer  Jerryl, Manu, Domi  und Jo,allesamt  auffallend intelligent freundlich  professionell, bieten kompositorisch  moderner an -Nile -Rodgers / -Bernhard -Edwards ( -Chic -Sensitivity, -Soup for one, -Freak out,-I want your love,-My love is forbitten,-Good times, -ChicChicEvrybodyscream  -I just  cant wait to saturday , -Sister -Sledge -All American girls -We are Familly ,He’s the greatest dancer ,-He’s just a runnaway / -David -Bowie L’ets Dance / -Madonna like a Virgin Album / -Dianna -Ross Upside down / -Sheila -Spacer … ) oder den holländischen -Maitai -History   handwerklich orientierte gute Laune Dance Musik  vom Feinsten . Die  Bühnenshow ist für einen internationalen Act  noch ausbaufähig.Dies wirkt aber life lokal zumindest sogar authentisch. Es tanzt die Halle ! Die Sangesqualitäten vom Gitarristen und Sänger Jerryl   fallen positiv auf.Bislang habe ich nur wenige Stücke life und online gehört.Deren Hit Qualität ist aber teilweise  in dieser Richtung in Deutschland und Umgebung zumindest nicht von aktuellen Bands zu toppen.Hitschmiede  TYDES sind 2019 auf Tour www.tydes.de

Herausragende Hit Songs :


( Confetti ) – The night is gone

Hands up


PS : Liebe TYDES Freunde : Das ist mengenmässig noch keine ganze Hit CD und kein gross Konzert..aber die grundlegende Qualität stimmt .Die Menge, die Sound  Technik ,die Bühnenshow noch nicht ganz für einen grösseren Rahmen.Ihr präsentiert als Band mit fanbase klug vorgehend wenig eher gemäss dem Major label A&R Format von 3-5 songs und das stimmt. Ich bin Komponist ua wie ihr wisst .Ich würd zu gern addieren und modern aufhübschen – Freak out ! – Oli auch aus München

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 As long as professional juries had saying and in both Semi Finals my result as quite similar to the final.There were certain differences with reasons but it was logical and reasonable.Not the final after public voteing.This should be democracy but its certainly perfect chaos thosetimes.Its not the problem that our song sisters was one of 15 medium songs.Germans got 4 place of the end corresponigng to 4.place from the top of last ESC.We Germans got ZERO points by public vote by phones.This is resonable with discqualification only..Those are hadicaped but good.Its the extreme Chaos difference beteween publich and professional voteing.Im shure its not an israel invention.Its maybee manipulated to hazard random but it was similar elsewere.The real traits music qualities are not relevant.Evrything is chaos and random.(  said my opinion officially www.diemusikkritik.de but I didnt vote by phone this time.Netherlands was one of my 5 favorites but more Sweeden,Aserbaidschan and Northern Mazedonia.Results of public voteing were not resonable at all.Maybee you should change the rules towards reason far away from greek chaos.I shure it was
not official Israel.They did a great job inTel Aviv.For me as musician its important that a music contest and evrything else is fitting to the facts without manipulation or madness.Otherwise it makes no sense.Concerning Israel I advice to present Shalva next time officially.They were handicaped but not in Musicat all.Im for reasonable just fair results not for chaos madness and sthe opposite evrybody is exchangeing with neighbour.
Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck ( O.F.D ) best composer

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O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck : Visiting and evaluating the 2.part of Semifinals of Europrean song contest ESC in Israel Tel Aviv Im impressed by peaceful professional show and relatively reasonable results concerning music with less political or historical additive content apart from music.In first part I was more content with logic of evaluation.On the other hand there were much more quite good songs of more or less equal power.My personal favorites were ( international hits! ) Aserbaidschan ( !!) ,Sweeden,Netherlands and Northern Macedonia ( ! ).Those were successful and this is how it should be more or less.In my view Austria was a candidate too.In Israel much things seem to be perfect and fair this time, NOT manipulated.One of the climaxes of that night was the incredible band SHALVA from Israel.Maybee best song ever heard from Israel performed by handicaped people.They told that they couldnt run for Israel cause they are strong believers at shabat…..But the wo our hearts certainly.


yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck from Germany

top composer probably leading all in all etc




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Im Oliver Frederic Dieck from Germany  probably the leading music composer all in all.For historical reasons I had extrem criminal experiences.Therefore Im in favor for not manipulated not political or religious contests in deed.I cannot detect any manipulation In Israel in first Semifinal Tel Aviv.Its fair and reasonable as far as I can see .I gues this  is first time for decades.There were 17 members needing to qualify for final.Germany is one of 5 big members of about 43 who are set for final in evry case.

I was impressed by Slovenia,Belarus,Tschecs,Greece,Serbia,Cyprus.Island was realy good technically.In my view it was maso sado punk rock.Not my direction personally.But it was certainly professional. San Marino song was professional too.But and this was not the only with problems to hit the notes precisely the tooth doctor singer was more or less a private man singer fullfilling his dream.One hand it was remarkable on the other hand not in my view.Differences to my personal view are  : Australia is a guest.This opera diva was not quite good as Belting singer ( pop rock etc. ) The song was remarkable crazy bad.I gues show was intense.I would prefere Finnland in this case.Better song less show.But it seems that ESC in Israel wants to be as honest as possible this time sticking to the music facts. And this is what evry musician expects.Maybee influence of history and poltics will be less this time.Its a peaceful music contest.The worlds largest.

Yours sincerly Oliver Frederic Dieck

PS : Apart from music production mastermix mixing … Im learning Belting singer thosetimes.This doesnt take decades like opera singer.Im best composer as far as I can see all in all.This is content.Professional releases eqivalent to state of the art standards on market are a lot more in fact. Sometimes song is less important for succes cause industry on lower levels as entry to market and market itselve  is filtering with technical view of recording not by song quality.Then a good show is needed with good performers.Naturally this is work of recording labels.Im working hard.Ok a new big qualified label.

www.o-f-d.de,  www.o-f-d.com

Neue Aufführungs Dimension für Bach Oratorien Rattle / Sellars

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Leider konnte ich erst jetzt die Aufnahme der Johannes Passion 2014 Simon Rattle Berliner Philharmoniker mit Magdalena Koszenza,Tin.L.i..,Christian Gerharer sehen und hören.Ich bin von der Musikdarbietungs Qualität und der einzigartigen Inszenierung von Peter Sellars ,die das Werk absolut stilvoll passend erlebbarer machte und dem Werk so eine zusätzliche stimmige Qualität hinzufügte überwältigt.Möge diese Kunst auf alle Bach Oratorien erweitert werden.
Ihr Oliver Frederic Dieck – Komponist
ua www.diemusikkritik.de ,www.o-f-d.de

Relaunch of OFD music channel of composer O.F.D after criminal Youtube assault

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Hello music fans ,professors,friends,bands,orchestras ,professionals ,polititians  At day of Trump madness to ban even UN / evrybody who is working with Iran my Youtube account www.oliverfredericdieck.de was shot down.Its criminal madness.I dont know what I should have done wrong.I think for many reasons Trump is not a president thats all estimateing following to his possibilities.Im not a jew,But I realy dont know a single arab or mohamedan man personally as far as I know.I gues my crime is  genius of the century presenting more than 400 music videos with my work on Youtube.Amoung that works better than almost evrything of last 100-200 years.And a huge amount of Pop Rock Jazz .. out of my work.And its meonly even played.-Too much for dullheads.In addition there were some personal videos searching a woman for me….Ok Youtube is dead for me .I have informed even friends at UNESCO.Now almost evry music is in better quality on site www.o-f-d.de like before organised in CDs but without Youtube.Onsite in addition a personal Video in better quality.Soon professional mastermixed recordings but not for free as my advertiseing.Its better now but my 50.000 cklicks are awyay now. Forget about Americans.Maybee we should take those Britains installing their isle in front of Newyork isnt it ? On the liberty island.The statue is present of european French people.They dont need it anymore how it seems.There is nothing in Great Britain and USA what I cannot do better or equal.But I can do things which are impossible for continents America ,Australia,Africa,Asia up to now especially for mad religious jews.I hate thieves and criminals PS :Soon after itervention of main polititians of earth I will set www.oliverfredericdieck.de directly to www.o-f-d.de . I think I must stress that Im not prefering KGB Dictatorship of Putin .But I cant see any difference .Neutral Europe with human rights !


Your genius of the century.At least music composeing

Oliver Frederic Dieck from Munich,Germany still Sozial Democrats SPDand hetero and not his opposite.Absolutelly true.My home is Europe and I want to stay here.

ESC actually dead ,Germany not discriminated this time but almost all others.

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O.F.D : Critics concerning ESC 2018
In my view ESC is more or less dead.For one simple reason : I guess ONLY nation witch was not discriminated this time was Germany with 4.place.peoples vote and musicians vote was rather different….Germany result is remarkable.We got several times last place with zero points for political reasons only´.One time with Lena a win without a remarkable song.In that year I beged Europe to stop discrimination of my colegues.I was accusateing Bavaria / Germany in front of European human rights council and they wanted to handle things different cause Im for Europe my enemies not. This is probably also fault of good musician with good team Michael Schulte well known by Youtube on earth.Respect.Israel song is like almost evry time without any kind of music.First impression of mine was this is an aggressive shitting in front of EU door.Im musician,quite leading .Maybee it was same Effect like with Ukraine Werka…Real winner was probably remarkable Austrian song of Cesar concerning music.Spain was not bad at all.Cypress was pretty woman only.In my view Albania has presented best song ever from there.Good rock song.France with Merci was honest also UK this Year.Sweeden had great groove but no hookline unfortunatelly.Estonia and Lithuania were not bads definetly world class opera singer and a good song.Good groove summer hit by Serbia.Its not resonable at all a complete fake.But thank you for 4.place in 2018.If Australia want to enter Europe im not against it.Nice Aborigine Australian.You are wellcome.The Europe is realy large.OK.Michaels song will certainly go on markets too. Im shure that those recordings will succeed on market.Congratulations to real winner Ceasar Austria.I hate manipulations out of madness and political reasons after all torture and terrorism in my life.I m prefering honest truth.Israels wins are rediculous and simply no music at all.This contest is not contest of symphathy..Its music only.!!!
When ABBA Celine Dion Cliff Richard Cingiola Cinguetti Udo Jürgens …won this was a composers contest ! Then there was almost ever good music and not good boobs or Werka nonsense…. For me personally mastermix production level of 2/3 of preseted songs was a shock.Evrything made with highclas units / Professionals.High standards.Songs were ok but not as remarkable as Salvador Sobral Portugal of last year.Congratulations to your heart operation.Common linets world class band of Netherlands is history. ok then I will contact the lady and her marvellous team.Friends you are better than Fleetwood Mac this is bullshit…Move on.
Oliver Frederic Dieck – working

Liv Migdal / Violine

Die Nachwuchs Violinistin Liv Migdal liefert bemerkenswerte Arbeit und gewissen Charakter trotz grosser Jugend.Wir trafen uns  Beim Theatron Festival 2017 zu München wo sie allseits überzeugte.

O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck www.o-f-d.de / Komponist

Ryan Inglis / singer / songwriter / guitar teacher

Ryan Inglis is one of the best street Guitar singer / songwriters living much better than Ed Sheran.Winner of Frankfurt Slam contest,Munich …Good composer ,guitar virtuoso handmade world class .The friendly openminded  man is coming from UK South West staying in Munich Bavaria Germany.Ryans material is available to buy on spotify and I-tune www.ryaninglis.com . We met several times In Munich SPD Isar party performimg.This is my party ( Democrats ).I guess he is not a Nazi…good collegue, realy.


Best songs heard :

Secret ( arranged sophisticated )

Fear ( owerwhelmingly on stage in newest version )


For you

Dear Ryan Inglis.Secret is fully arranged.Fear not .. I will arrange all that for you for free presenting it to you as proposal for your fine art work and for arts.Next time CD.Im looking for performer and co composers team people.Question : Guess you are for Europe… Im composer arranger.less singer / Keyboarder.www.o-f-d.de For you maybee : Golden Age,Strage Rock Songs etc.

Friendship grettings to Sakia Götz Violine


Ami / Songwriter / singer

Ami ist die äusserst praesentable Tochter vom Münchner Urgestein Wally Warning.Ich hörte bei ihr äusserst ungewöhliche Melodie Phrasen ,die ich stilistisch / Arrangement mässig oft zu einem Hit namens Smooth operator aufgemotzt hätte.Tatsächlich ist bei der zurückhaltenden symphatischen Lockenkopf Frau wohl per ihrem Vater,der mir beim Theatron 2017 München freundlichst die Hand schüttelte ,erblich bedingt erhebliches Potential.Da wär ich auch stolz.

Kann sein dass ich das Ganze seines Charmes berauben würde und einen guten internationalen Hit aus manchem ungeordneten machen würde.Manches könnte man jedenfalls unschwer zum Hit machen.

www.o-f-d.de O.F.D / Oliver Frederic Dieck – Komponist