Sasha / Singer / cosongwriter

Friendly and goodlooking German Sasha from Soest Germany married with his wife Röntgen is one of the strongest male voices in Germany.Hes performing in German and in English for international market.Music style and quality is never german Schlager but european international sometimes up to realy good. Concerning voice he is not the man of melism artistical voice knowledge till now.But he has a full strong voice. Several editions some rearranged reaching an adult higher level.

His most important tunes till now :

9 lives

As it was

We can leave

We can leave the world behind

Let me be the one

If you believe

Owner of my heart

Paty Party party

This is my time

Du fängst mich ein

I feel lonely

Lucky day


Frohes neues Ja…

Good days

Guten Tag

Weisse Weste

Sincerly Oliver frederic Germany / Insta O.F.D 2024