Thomas Blug / Thomas Blug Band – guitarist – song writer – amp / effects producer

Born 1966 in Saarbrücken Germany,Thomas Blug is one of the most busy and best payed and most famous studio musicians and guitarists of Europe and the world.For this he got in 1997 the prize of Germany club of Rock and Pop musicians as best Guitarist .In 2004 he got the international prize Stratking Europe.In fact he is seen as best Fender Stratocaster guitarist in Europe.Stratocaster is the most important one of the 3 famous electric guitars.Stratocaster is useful for evrything.Fingerpicking like -Mark Knopfler-invented lead or funky rythm guitar like -Nile Rodgers- is famous for.The others are Les Paul Gibson for warm lead guitar and Telecaster for a bit dirty -Stones- rock..Even if -Mark Knopfler- with- -Dire Straits- is realy marvellous at the Strat.Thomas Blug is better cause he is composing in top level and amount delivering almost evry style at the Strat.As far as I know he is visiting other famous composers and Strat guitarists as personal friends -David-Gilmour- – Pink Floyd-.and -Steve Luthaker- of -Toto-.Concerning own style he prefers perfect fusion jazz rock ,rock,club guitar instrumentals in his own work ,most of the time.We personally are a bit friends.Im composer but he is realy incredible good.If I would kiss a man I would do it with him.Its not possible.Maybee a daughter.But he is still kissed by God.What a friendly openminded talent.I love him….Its not easy to honour him .A lot of work.I did my best up to now :

Most important tunes :

I won’t forget

Treasure Islands




Love crimes

Missin you already



Free run

Mountains high


Out of the blue

Science of love

Blue Valley


Welcome to the future

My house is green

The witching hour

The late show

Pauls Blues


Stratking 2009

Il be there

Come back

Summer Rain

Aqua die mare

Rock ’n roll

Pacific height ( with Scholz)

Wings of freedom (with Scholz )

Living Guitars ( with Scholz)

PS : We are still in contact in respect and symphathy.In my view he has a lot of international hits but he prefers in those projects to do music without market laws.Sometimes it needs a melody voice sung instead of guitar only at least as overdub in some parts….Example : I wont forget ! ….Germany Zero points….Its rediculous.Thomas and me we are two of the best worldwide.