O.F.D – the tonal classic music composer in own subject:

Hello Music performer worldwide and music lovers.

Almost evrybody around planet knows me having some Demo CDs of my 6 Symphonies all better than Brahms / Schubert or concertos ( Violin / Organ / Piano ) 4 String Serenades,my Jazz ,my Ethno Sound concerto ,new art songs,my Opera Veritas ,my or pop and dance music.Since 2012 my Opera is ready in Libretto and Airs apart from details ( a new chapter concerning inhumann beings comparable to Judas witch have stolen my< Laptop and a lot of works and my tools ,3 further airs.) In 2013 I will present it to you for production.Im SPD Man and best around planet.But my pa was SS breding bull.I dont know him.He is dead and he was noit rather guilty with 5 men in the fields only...Exactly this combination is deadly in Bavaria.Criminals AND victims are less than apew to me Neandertals ! They are maximum criminals trying to steel evrything.A lot of power of Bavaria is made by this way:Du bist nichts dEin Volk ist Alles.Im Protestant / Lutheran.This is satan personally here.(Idiots !) Inm earlier times I was heading for first elected president of EU and German minister for foreign affairs.Reunification Gorbatchew inclusivelly was one result.But I was only helping.I realy dont need 80.000 Stasis in my neck ! Then leave us go home.All victims of Stasi want to killthem like all victims of Gestapo.There is no real difference ! To recreate my tools is not rather expensive.But im sourrounded by rather ill millitant people hateing men and genius definetly.Im poor instead of being Billionaire normally.Next month almost evrytghing is fixed.I have informed Police Europol,Interpol and BKA.But it was probabley exactly German police or other ashole services steeling what they never could in last 5000 years.Thosedasy Im writing 7. Symphony - Salzburg and my Musical siluettes and those 3 airs...Lets wait and see.I will keep all plans and dates.But its a extremly hard time for me.I realy hate not human beings will sexual sadistical illness tortureing destroying and steeling.Why they left insaine clinic ?! PS: The event of steeling was second.First tim e those were not human aswholes wqho rtold me beeing Frankfurt Jews.By that way I was with torture withdrawn from France Strasburg.Pleses punishe those Sakharow is rediculous.Why you dont help me in practise ?! The second robbery was in front of my house in Augsburg.Neighbours cant remember my suitcase ( O.F.D logo ) I was tramping back from Frankfurt Musikmesse to SPD party day for Germany completelly.When I tried to visit my party in my town sice law studies there police was interfere cause of this suitcase.Then I went to home leving a sheet of paper to head office which is online in contact to me for decades without knowing me much personally.THe Nazi police doesnt like my century genius and not my party ( Democrats) definetly.Meanwhile I was visiting SPD Bavaria with 3 CDS of my Opera VERITAS and Libretto and in addition Rock concerto Strange rock songs on CD.I think I wil return to power.Its enough with Nazis and with mosdt millitant criminal victims.Im not running for chif of state.But I will support Christian Ude SPD as much as I can.I was most powerfull man on earth ( Clinton / Buttros Ghali / Gorbatchew in my jouth Nuclear power inclusively.) With several studies and my own results minister is no problem to me.I do not accept those Bavarian measures.Its enough I will clean the dishes.All proves for my ownership of works are save and much more works of mine.Im agaiinst gas chamber.But full scale prision is not to much ! - Yours sinvcerly O.F.D - www.o-f-d.de , www.OliverFredericDieck.de / www.complete-this.com