O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck – tonal / classic composer

Me concerning me : Oliver Frederic Dieck is a german music composer from Munich Germany composing since his 5.th year of existance looking biologically about like 40.First remarkable results in form of classical piano preludes with 11.Studeing a lot doing also other arts and sciences he wrote in the end up to now also produceing arrangeing mixing and mastering the following,soon final releases on market  :


Album Future World ( trance )

Album Golden Age ( Brit Pop )

Album Strange Rock songs ( Mainstream Rock)

Album Spring Time Rock ( Mainstream Rock )

Double Album Europe ( Euro Pop )

Double Album Black enough ( US Soul Pop Hiphop )

Silhouettes ( Musical) 20 movements

The World ( The world in cultural sond images inclusively UN Hymn proposal : Peace is a win of culture )

Jazz concerto 1 Sunsert and 2 each 16 movements

Tonal Symphonies 1-8




4. Rhein


6. Loire



4 String quartetts in 7 movements also used as airs in opera sometimes Eden :





2 Oratories Deus Genitor Mundi and 2.

Opera Veritas in 30 airs and Libretto

Violin concerto Elegance

Piano concerto Strasbourg

Organ Concerto Vita

Seepferdchen 10 new classical art songs

Goldener Walzertraum 10 symphonic walzes

Jeunesse – 35 early classical piano pieces


Sincerly your O.F.D – Oliver Frederic Dieck composer etc. in own subject qwww.o-f-d.de ( old versions and rather incomplete soon ready partitions scores and productions instead of home recording ..)


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