ESC actually dead ,Germany not discriminated this time but almost all others.

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O.F.D : Critics concerning ESC 2018
In my view ESC is more or less dead.For one simple reason : I guess ONLY nation witch was not discriminated this time was Germany with vote and musicians vote was rather different….Germany result is remarkable.We got several times last place with zero points for political reasons only´.One time with Lena a win without a remarkable song.In that year I beged Europe to stop discrimination of my colegues.I was accusateing Bavaria / Germany in front of European human rights council and they wanted to handle things different cause Im for Europe my enemies not. This is probably also fault of good musician with good team Michael Schulte well known by Youtube on earth.Respect.Israel song is like almost evry time without any kind of music.First impression of mine was this is an aggressive shitting in front of EU door.Im musician,quite leading .Maybee it was same Effect like with Ukraine Werka…Real winner was probably remarkable Austrian song of Cesar concerning music.Spain was not bad at all.Cypress was pretty woman only.In my view Albania has presented best song ever from there.Good rock song.France with Merci was honest also UK this Year.Sweeden had great groove but no hookline unfortunatelly.Estonia and Lithuania were not bads definetly world class opera singer and a good song.Good groove summer hit by Serbia.Its not resonable at all a complete fake.But thank you for in 2018.If Australia want to enter Europe im not against it.Nice Aborigine Australian.You are wellcome.The Europe is realy large.OK.Michaels song will certainly go on markets too. Im shure that those recordings will succeed on market.Congratulations to real winner Ceasar Austria.I hate manipulations out of madness and political reasons after all torture and terrorism in my life.I m prefering honest truth.Israels wins are rediculous and simply no music at all.This contest is not contest of symphathy..Its music only.!!!
When ABBA Celine Dion Cliff Richard Cingiola Cinguetti Udo Jürgens …won this was a composers contest ! Then there was almost ever good music and not good boobs or Werka nonsense…. For me personally mastermix production level of 2/3 of preseted songs was a shock.Evrything made with highclas units / Professionals.High standards.Songs were ok but not as remarkable as Salvador Sobral Portugal of last year.Congratulations to your heart operation.Common linets world class band of Netherlands is history. ok then I will contact the lady and her marvellous team.Friends you are better than Fleetwood Mac this is bullshit…Move on.
Oliver Frederic Dieck – working