Andrew Lloyd Webber / composer musical

British Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is one of the most played musical composers.As composer I respect works like All I ask for you, Memories and Pie Jesu.On the other hand there is an official discussion on plagiatism / thievery connected to his work.My enemies were also posting their hope that me bymyself is a thieve too.But Im real and the original.As tonal composer I must say that a logical theme still in existance can happen to a composing mind without any criminal attitude,cause best composers in history did well too.On the other hand then a composer will change it to avoid problems.If the only important thing of a composer is perhaps stolen then its difficult to evaluate situation.I want to describe the problem out of my own work.When I was composing first movement of my Violin concerto Elegance in 1998 for Julia Fischer ( her official pa has begged me ) I though its quite good.But it was a bit stolen by Mozart clarinets concerto.Meanwhile its much better without Mozart lending,soon finally rerecorded.I think this is normal behaviour in composers world.On the other hand I had song Silluettes decades before in the net.Its the key song of my musical but not the best.A marketing man took this for german bank Dresdner bank,meanwhile closed.Only 4 first notes the theme ,maybee sharp at the border to crime.On the other hand evrybody has the right to work with historical themes if the author is more than 70 years dead by law.But you have never the right to say you are Beethoven with your famous Symphony.This is a betrayer…Concerning PUCCINI – LA FUNICULA DEL WEST and MUSIC OF THE NIGHT – Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is a severe coincindence.Then he have to say he has worked on Puccini.Than its ok.Concerning P. Floyd Echoes and Phantom of the opera musical ouverture is also a impressive coincindence.They are still living.Maybee he has payed for.Then its also OK.There is quite a long list.Maybee Sir Andrew Webber is not correct enough to mention that he has only worked on a historical masterpiece.I hope that masterpieces of him like Pie Jesu are not actually stolen.Im the original and my enemies are against this too.

Most important tunes :

Pie Jesu – Anna Netrebko,
All I ask of you,
Memories- Barbra Streisand ,
Music of the night !,
Dont cry for me Argentina – Madonna,
Starlight express,
Wishing you were somehow here again

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Soon musical Siluettes