Anne – Sophie Mutter / performer / violinist

German Anne-Sophie Mutter living in Munich born in Baden – Wuertemberg is the leading female violonists working today.She is quite often to be seen in Europe and good enough for biggest halls of Salzburg Opera Festival.Also Mozarteum but there is not enough space for all the crowds of people.Im proud that the open minded woman is stressing that Mozart has a lot of hits in hit list for more than 200 years worldwide.This is a little bit more than two weeks.Clever mind, reasonable view, perfect work.Concerning style she is useing sometimes a lot of power probably good for Beethoven.I would prefere sometimes things like for Vivaldi For seasons a tender slow interpretation like F. Ajo did with I Musici.But this depends on work and is a question of individual style character.

O.F.D Hello Anne-Sophie Mutter.My violin concerto ELEGANCE is soon played in final version without old rythmical problems.You will find ELEGANCE also in new version here as playlist : , .