Diana Damrau / Soprano / performer

Soprano Diana Damrau from Günzburg near Augsburg Munich Germany is bavarian „Kammersängerin“.Queen of the night / Mozart is probably one of her most impressive interpretations.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Hello Diana Damrau : My Opera VERITAS is meanwhile ready.On the other hand I can present only 3 hours recording Demo Libretto spoken and „sung“ bymyself.Im not a Belcanto singer but I was playing theater in my youth as Jesus etc.It works but its in this form more german „Hörspiel“ Radio one man show.Its for normal staff and orchestra.In addition there is DEUS GENITOR MUNDI oratory and SEEPFERDCHEN serious songs are also online.Then please have a look at www.o-f-d.de Sincerly.