Elton John – composer – singer – bar pianist entertainer

Elton John is a gay british composer playing perfectly ba piano and singer.In Gauting at Munich he had an affair with madam Blauel a mixing lady.He was married with her for 18 years paying for the pretty results out of it.

Most important tunes :

I’m still standing,
So sad,
Blue eyes,
Your song,
That what friends are for ( with Stevie Wonder )
Song for a guy,
I guess thats what they call the blues,
Circle of live ( Patricia Kaas theme )
Can you feel the love tonight,
Rocket man,
Yellow brick road,
Candle in the wind,
Sorry seems to be the hardest word,
Little Jeanie,
Saturday Nights alright
Crockodile rock,
Bernie and the Jets

Elton,Im straight.But I have learnt from you ! Best wishes. Gauting is a marvellous place.O.F.D