Gustav Mahler / composer

Austrian Gustav Mahler is a great romantical composer,the austrian answer to overwhelming R. Wagner.He is sometimes rather british in harmonics , sometimes voice of people.On the other hand there are remarkable work parts of Wagner level with sophisticated use of orchestra and there are no important symphonies in this technique at Wagner at all.In the end he is maybee not Wagner but better than the other austrian try to follow adequatelly Bruckner.Wagner was purely truth of genes and basically autodidactical.But Gustav Mahler was lying in Vienna on Couch of jewish Sigmund Freud who has begged him.Maybee he is responsible for Freud’s crazy thoughts on perversion and talent / intelligence versus genetical heritage and work.( “ 3 Abhandlungen “ ) But therefore he is maybee not perfectly as good as Wagner in the end ,but for a lot of persons a prefered alternative without historical problems.He wrote 10 Symphonies.Most contain one important movement more or less.Its not pure quality as good as possible for arts, how it seems.

Most important tunes :

Symphony Nr. 1 – 2. movement,
Symphony Nr. 1 – 4. movement,
Symphony Nr. 4 – 3. movement,
Symphony Nr. 5 – 1. movement,
Symphony Nr. 5 – 4. movement,
Symphony Nr. 9 – 1. movement,

Officially often recomended are also :

Symphony Nr. 2 C – minor Auferstehungs Symphony,
Symphony Nr. 8 E flat major Symphony of the thousand .Called like that cause at Munich Premiere were 1030 performing.
Das Lied von der Erde,
Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen,

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