Josef Haydn / composer – teacher

Josef Haydn was autodidactical composer.He was financed for 30 years by Esterhazy of Habsburg Austria Hungary.In that time he was develloping using Sonata movement construction theory of Bach sons for first movement the modern symphony and modern symphony orchestra.He wrote extremly much.But in the end he was a great teacher teaching the mega talents Mozart and Beethoven out of his autodidactical research work.He wrote 104 ( 106 ) symphonies.Remarkable is Nr. 45 maybee ( Anbschiedssinfonie ). The last 12 Symphonies are called the great with full orchestra. Some good works for violoncello.

Most important tunes :

Symphony Nr. 45 Abschiedsinfonie,
Die Schöpfung – oratory
Emperors Quartett / Kaiserquartett strinquartett Nr.77
– this was austrian national anthem now its german.

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