Julia Fischer Quartett / performer / Strings Quartett

The Julia string quartett consists of Prof. Julia Fischer Violin,Prof Nils Mönkemeyer Viola,Alexander Sitkovetsky Violin and finally Benmjamin Nyffenegger.All those are qualified young people working at Munich sourounding.I guess there is no argument to critisize quality more or less.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Unfortunatelly Julia Fischer is fighting Endsieg in jewish Talion way more or less.She thinks she is daughter of a jewish musician mum who has married a katholic man,both out of comunists world.If this is the truth then her Pa has invited me to her home in 1998 proposing his daughter as my wife when she was 15 and ordering my vilonconcerto Elegance.Before of that when I saw her first time I was visiting Prof Suttner and Prof Mettke Augsburg when they were testing Julia Fischer for one of her first concertos when she was 12 as violinist .I told to Prof.Georg Mettke that I will not make any attitudes being fan of a 12 years old girl cause my pa was probably for revenge told to be a children abuser.He was fan of big boobs but he was forgetting quite often existant mariages to get women into bed how it seems.I knew him maybee for 14 days.On that day I was presenting first version of Schwertlilien 2. string quartett on partition and on music cassett there…Later they told to me that I have made Julia Fischer in 1982 with Dorothea Riekert Gauting, my first love, useing A – Gen 53 by her parents what is not rather secure.Having some pounds to much normally she throw me out cutting all contacts on 23 Dezeber 1982.We were waiting on her days.Julia is born 1983 15 of June at Gauting near Munich.Then Im King Pippin who has created founder of Europe Charlemagne there.He got news years later.Its tradition ! We have both green eyes ash blond hairs.My eyes are like green olives.Therefore I am Oliver.Dont know.But if Im actually pa then its also important to me.Its like www.bach.de .I came to Julia when she was old enough with 21 with first version of violin concerto forgetting evrything before… I must accept that we are not friends.She is fighting for completelly different data and truth on earth with russian / jewish view of things.Then she should prefere Schönberg , Zimlinsky and Berg world and not my church know how.She cant bear that music.Im shure that quality of her quartett is great.But concerning my life I must fear that she is steeling or manipulateing for jewish face.Maybee www.bach.de can help.This is private.Mad mega crimes on me a genius of the century not.O.F.D www.o-f-d.de