Julia Fischer Quartett / performer / Strings Quartett

Julia Fischer is a german Gauting 1983  near to Munich born Violinist.Actually she was educated in Augsburg with 9 years good enough for concerts in two instruments ( Violin / Piano ) Then she was studeing at Munich Musik Hochschule.Later she was youngest Professor in Germany.Today she is head of department violin at Munich Musik Hochschule.In womans world she is maybee Nr 2 or 3 in international ranking with Anne-Sophie-Mutter and jewish but friendly -HlilaryHahn.The Julia string quartett consists of Prof. Julia Fischer Violin,Prof Nils Mönkemeyer Viola,Alexander Sitkovetsky Violin and finally Benmjamin Nyffenegger.

My problem with her: First I met her 1994 at Professor Mettke Augsburg University when she was presenting her art with about 12 to the 6 professors there for music teacher education only.In Augsburg she was pupil at Leopold Mozart conservatory ( father of Mozart )  .And I was presenting my first movements of string quartett composing Nympheas and Schwertlilien more or less a Little Night Music in first versions.Later we met with her family when she was 15.They said Mariah Carey is a world star now and you are here.But my daughter beginning with 9 at Munich Musikhochschule is sitting right there to marry.i answered now she is 15.I accept to compose a violin concerto.But I will return if she is old enough fan of dead Glenn Gould…I wrote Elegance slow beginning in 1998 and a was contacting her when she was 23 performing at Nymhenburg Castle near to my ma at Hubertus Saal Four seasons of Vivaldi.Then they told to me its your biological daughter…Actually my first not slim but rather romantical girlfriend was in Gauting 1982.THer rich parents were requesting A GEN 53 unit against having children cause we were to young both.I was for condoms.About at 15 oktober 1982 he told me that she doest have her days… and I answered her parents have to help us AGen 53 is russian Roulette how it seems.THen I thought evrything is ok.But at 23 of Dezemmber 1982 she finished any contact one day before of Christmas for decades.Julia Fischer is a music talent.She has green eyes ( mine olive green) she is dark blond ( me too ) she has fine little ears of beauty.( me too ).She is born 15 Juin 1983.Its definetly possible.But then her father Frank Michael Fischer from east Germany signed at Mischa Wolf  NVA secret service east germany spy  groop to fool him how he claimed later and jewish slovakian Viera Fischer ( Piano) are not biological related to her.She is playing my quality only.Apart from that she is stressing jewish avoiding jewish alternativ music stricly.If I am her pa as genius of the century I cant marry her but then Im her pa ! .Obviously Russian Soviet cold war thinkers….please check www.bach.de.I have several subjects rest is the same.On earth.Im scientist and a bit protestant christ .In Europe Germany this is the tolerant modern Luther groop not the strict ones if.( evangelisch).Thats my problem with her. Maybee she is mad.A riddle to me.

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