Maria Callas / performer / soprano

American – greek Maria Callas was the most impressive Soprano voice in decades after Second Worldwar with a special warm sound witch extremly rich overtones spectrum witch means a bright sharp tone high end quality as result.I compare this with spanish guitar Flangiolet effect witch makes this special overtones spectrum in a similar way.A kind of german „ü“ ( ue) or englisch „y“.A lot of biggest name soprano singers are doing a kind of Jodel vibrato with pitch and not with amplitude of loudness.I guess this is much easier with less power and discipline.This depends also by school obviously.Rather big names are doing it perfectly wrong in intensity.Not Maria Callas.Alternatively high notes are realy hard to bear.Intonation quality is on perfect level most times.If you want to see me glad then a soprano has to deliver more or less those traits perfectly ( with less precise intonation Netrebko, Schäfer, Damrau… but also technical leading Mezosopranos Garanca and Bartoli.) Maria Callas is till today the international referece for female Belcanto voices.As far as I know she was performing itallian and french works, but less german austrian world.There are recordings in acceptable quality.Those are to prefere.

OFD This list is still incomplete. Ps : My ears are quite precise.But Im not a Belcanto singer at all bymyself.Have you seen my tonal Opera VERITAS online ( complete Demo ) .Its for normal orchestra and male and femal leading Belcanto singers , not for composer.Im the biggest Mastrubator in this world like painted by Salvador Dali unfortunatelly.Its online as playlist VERITAS at or