Maurice Ravel – composer

French Maurice Ravel was an experimental but tonal composer like Debussy in a different way.LIke Debussy he uses Orchestra in a rather sophisticated describeing effective way in enlarged orchestra.At first he was be seen as mad , cause of his music.But his Bolero is not rather mad.It’s good.As far as I know ravel died in 20 century.Evrybody bought Bolero and some Tombe de Couperaine.His descendants are billionaires cause of one work: Bolero more or less.They got till 70 years after his dead Gema / Ascap / Bmi etc and all money for all rights.These services are new. German Gema is an invention of R. Strauss.

Most important tunes :

Tobeau de Couperaines,
Daphne et Cloe

O.F.D This list is still uncomplete

PS : In my Opera VERITAS is a „Marsch des Irrlicht“ Its composed like Bolero of comparabel quality.On the other hand its a little bit smaler as satire on the arriveing millitarry governor Irrlicht ( about Crazy Light ) You find Opera Demo as playlist etc here or in the first third of work.