Mezzoforte is a swedish northern European Jazz fusion funk rock group who has grown in the 80th and was delivering some sophisticated Fusion pieces of art.They are consisting of 9 top studio musicians Eythor Gunnarson Keyboards, Fridrik Karlson Guitar, Johann Asmundsson Bass, Gulli Briem Drums, Thomas Dyani Percussion, Oskar Gunnarsson Saxophone, Sebastian Studnitzky Trumpet and keyboards,Thorbjorn Sunde Trombone,Jens Petter Antonsen Trumpet.Music from musicians heaven.Fusion Volvo can evrything ( probably actually a BMW / Mercedes / Audi …) .Real genetics : Its made by EVOLUTION, a real ICEBREAKER, for a JOYRIDE of ACTION MAN , at the GARDEN PARTY SURPRISE SURPRISE at PRIMETIME in HAPPY HOUR during NIGHTFALL in EARLY AUTUMN.It has FOR CORNERS and its ready for TAKE OFF.

Most important tunes :

For corners,
Garden party surprise surprise,
Actionm man,
Happy hour,
Early Autumn,
Take off


PS: Thosedays there is only a traditional Jazz concerto SUNSET as playlist at But soon there is a 2. concerto Fusion ! -O.F.D