Olga Scheps / Olja Schoeps / performer / pianist

Olga Scheps ( Olja Schoeps ) is a Moskau born russian pianist wonder witch is pretty young be seen as ripe performer in class of L. Lang or Kissin at least H. Grimaud.Stylish decent full of taste she made a friendly impression to me.Im looking for a wife for Orchestra founding in love and evrybody knows it.One time I was depressed needing female tenderness ,only via facebook.Now we were friends there unfortunatelly.She is russian and her pa is music professor at Cologne.People told to me that she is related to Mendelsohn, maybee familly Schoeps. Sorry but Im definetly much better than Mendelsohn…Anyway. She can definetly play the piano.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.O.F.D – the composer Strasbourg piano concerto final version 2015,Jeunesse 25 early pianoworks .www.o-f-d.de