Ryan Inglis / singer / songwriter / guitar teacher

Friendly Ryan Inglis is one of the best street Guitar singer / songwriters  .Winner of Frankfurt Slam contest,Munich …Good fine art composer ,guitar virtuoso handmade world class .In earlier times he was presenting his magnificent harmonics guitar tricks in small band street.Last time I heard him in full amplified band setting this year 2019 with other instrument teachers  forming his band thosedays.I was not overwhelmed concerning his new sound on small stage in enlarged large band cause his  fine harmonics work was not loud enough in fact.Whole sound was not realy professional for his levels this time .Im shure next time he will manage this new band level too perfectly. The friendly openminded  man is coming from UK South West staying in Munich Bavaria Germany.Ryans songs are available to buy on spotify and I-tune etc or at www.ryaninglis.com .

Best songs heard  apard from newest songs witch are not perfect till now :

Secret ( arranged sophisticated )

Fear ( owerwhelmingly on stage in small version )


For you



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