Swedish band grown with European song contest winning with Waterloo.Thosedays about 360 Million of LP / CDs.Abba was a band of 70th till early 80s.and consisting of two couples.Two female voices Agnetha and Frida and the composers Björn Ulveäus ( Guitars ) and Benny Anderson ( Keyboards).They did honorable european music of a bit lasting quality .

They surprised with a new CD Voyage  after almost 4 decades:

I still have faith in you                                                                                                         When you danced with me                                                                                                        Dont shut me down                                                                                                                No doubt about it

Overall : A lot of high quality know how.Even classic harmonics without any scores in whole career.But not the same long lasting disciplined work on it how it was this time.Good verse,good refrain in same song logic from beginning to the end with stressed highlights with choirs synth etc.Maybee you need Michael Treptow producer.As far as I understood they proposed one billion Euro for this to you for your peace.Maybee it was a first try,but not the last one.I learnt from you !

Most important tunes before  :

Dancing Queen,
Money Money,
The winner takes it all,
Thank you for the music,
„Happy new year“,
Move on,( good chorus mad verse.Move on ! – In Germany : Schönes Haar ist Dir gegeben lass es kleben mit Gard – actually a shampoo )                                                                          One of us is crying,
The name of the game,
Mamma Mia,
Rock me,
Honey Honey,
The Day before you came,
Chiquittita,                                                                                                                           Does your mother know
I know him so well ( Whitney Houston / Aretha Franklin )

O.F.D- Oliver Frederic Dieck  with best wishes

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