CHIC : Berhard Edwards / Nile Rodgers – guitar bass / composers

CHIC is a us pop group of the 80th.Evrybody knows them concerning their first Nr 1 hit Freak out.But the heads Berhard Edwards / Nile Rodgers – ( guitar bass ) were more important as composers for others founding a new funky style bass / guitar riff / Drums.

Most important known tunes :

Freak out,
I want your love,
Good times,

Sister Sledge :

We are familly,
He’s just the greatest dancer,
He’s just a runnaway,
We ‚re all american girls,

Diana Ross :

Upside Down,
My old piano,

David Bowie :

Let’s dance

O.F.D this list is still incomplete.High Chic.I’ve learnt from you.Soon there will be by album BLACK with the most important tunes in black USs pop hiphop Rap direction.Meanwhile : Maybee tunes on you will
like also today.Playlists Selfperformed ( older ), Golden Age, Sunset ( Jazz ).Have seen you on German TV ZDF today – Goldene Kamera price.Seems that my posting of 12.February 20125 was helping you coming back in public mind.O.F.D yours sincerly.