BEE GEES – Barry,Robin,Maurice ( and Andy ) Gibb – composer / singer

BEE GEES came actually from Great Britain.But they had to move in thier youth to Australia cause they did some youth jokes.Britain had no special law for youngsters in that time,but a possibility to go to Australia instead of punishment.Then they were one of the most honorable and stable groups growing up in Beetles late 60 time.But in late 70 they had a second career.
Their music film Saturday night fever was starting the disco culture around planet.They worked properly till youngster Andy,Maurice and Robin has died.

Most important tunes :

Nights on Broadway,
You should be dancing,
Night fever,
Staying alive,
How deep is your love,
If I can’t have you,
More than a woman,
Dont throw it all away,
To much heaven
Heartbreaker ( Dion Warwick )
Woman in love ( Barbra Streisand )
Love is thicker than water ( Andy )
Emotions ( Andy )
Islands in the streets
You win again,
Secret love,
For whom the bell tells,
Ive gotta get a message to you