Mariah Carey – 5 octaves singer / cocomposing

Mariah Carey was the most important hiphop balad diva of the 90th at side of Celine Dion and Madonna.She was especially known for soft quality balads performed with incredible 5 octaves voice.

Most important tunes :

Sent from up above,
One sweeet day ( with Boys 2 men ),
When you believe ( with Witney Houston ),
My All,
Never too far,

Hello 1986 Your Ma Partricia Operasinger in Munich tried to mix us together.I should be main composer for album Vision of love ff and maybee also private.But you thought a rehearsal or demo is too much ?!? Therfore I invented your name MARIA-H with h for New York where its quite jewish,but stayed at home and you made first album with rest crew ( Walter Afanasief !) as demo with micro.I have seen the cover and backside.And I read „Someday“. Dont kill me ,Im still the best and reasonable ! You know I had problems with millitant gay lesbian world unfortunatelly.Im straight.They told me that you was a man actually.I want to have own children.Congrats to your twins.Now you sold 170 Million CDs without me,Mince.See you.Yours sincerly O.F.D still the best.