Common Linnets

Common Linnets are a group from Netherlands winning recently second place at ESC European Song Competition biggest music TV show contest around planet.Concerning style and quality its not too much to pretend a European Fleedwood Mac with nice choir or duett settings .In my knowledge they have presented two albums up to now. Most important is first second has not same incredible quality overall .As composing man for more than 40 years I say first album was lifetime work for breakthrough.Then fast next album to keep in mind…Let’s wait and see.

Most important tunes :

Calm of the storm

Hungry hands

Still loving after you

Broken but home

Lovers and love

Give me a reason to write

We don’t make the wind blow

Soho Walz

Hearts on fire

In your eyes


O.F.D – Oliver frederic Dieck / composer : Hey Common Linnets-: You will actually like some songs in Golden Age album or Strange Rock songs.If its hard to present fast same quality.Im proud if you are performing…,,