Justin Timberlake / NSYNC

Justin Timberlake is an american smart falset singer rised up with german BMG label now owned by SONY as member of casting boy group NSYNC.Apart from his remarkable come back recently verry well produced with top happy song I cant stop the feeling performed at ESC Europe 2016 as guest Myspace was officially musician net till he bought it.Now it doesnt work anymore.He’s from Texas thinking quite right wing Republicans Donald Trump inclusivelly out of Texas tradition.Seldom in music.Most are prefering Kennedy.But he is a good performer.

Most important tunes I found :

I cant stop the feeling ( good mixing good mastermix,good production )

Tearing up my heart – Justin Timberlake / N-Sync,

I want you back – Justin Timberlake / N-Sync,

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