Francis Poulenc – composer

Francis Poulenc was a french tonal opera and classic composer of remarkable quality who died 1963 about one year before Im born.He was a gay who lived officially like that but obviously seriously.There are a lot of respectable works we should know.In 1957 Poulenc wrote for publisher Ricordi a tonal great opera Dialoges des Carmelites at the Scala di Milano.This is more or less best classical work I’ve heard after Second World War apart from my own work.Im deeply impressed.Recently this oeuvre was played almost evrywhere again and this was right.A kind of Othello ( Verdi ).

Some of his most famous works :

Oper Dialogues des Carmelitres,
Opera la voix humaine,
Oratory Stabat Mater,

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Im hetero.Apart from that : If you like music like Dialogues des Carmelitres then you will probably like my Opera VERITAS ( Demo online ) and my oratory DEUS GENITOR MUNDI etc.You will find this and and more at or