Robert Schuhmann / composer

Robert Schumann studied law man like two composing Bach sons and some other composers of importance was a german romantical classic composer and pianist with bad friends and obviously not too strong sensible character.With some partners he was founder and owner of the music Newspaper “ Neue Zeitschrift für Musik “ .Via hungrian dull Violinist Joachim he made aquaintance of later more important Brahms.He was married with Clara Wieck famous as Clara Schumann a wellknown piano performer.Looking at died out Beethoven they had 10 children together.One pupil of Brahms Dvorak was be seen as gay cause of a dedication to a viola player of a Violoncello concerto.Schumann was dedicateing then his Vilon Concerto to famous also composing Violonist Joachim.This man was successfull to forbitt his Violin concerto for 83 years of 100 cause of that dedication following to law of that time.This violin concerto was forbitten till Hitler ended this.Its one of the deepest works of Robert Schumann es pecially second movement.In the end Robert Schumann was dying in neurological clinic with depression doing suizide there.Most of his works are important in historical context but not as pure result like it is with Haydn who was know how source for Mozart and Beethoven.Nevertheless some works of him are remarkable and wellknown.

Most important tunes :

Symphony Nr.3 Rheinische,
Symphonie Nr. 1 Frühlingsymphony / Spring Symphony,
Scenes of Childhood Op.15 with Träumerei Nr.7,
Concerto for Piano A – major Op.54,
Liederkreis Heinrich Heine Op. 24,
Liederkreis Eichendorf Op.39,
König von Thule,
Waldszenen Op.82,
Fantasy for Violin and Orchestra C – Major Op.131,
Concerto for Violin D minor – second movement,
Romance in A major Op. 94.2 ,
Arabesque Op. 18,
Humoreske Op. 20
Carnevall Op.9,
Phantasy pieces Op.12,
Sonanta for Piano Arabeske Op.18,
Toccata C – Major op.7
Papillons Op.2
O.F.D This list is still incomplete.