Frederic Chopin – composer / piano performer

Frederic Chopin was born in Poland as son of french Mr. Chopin and his polish beloved Mum.With 20 he went back to Paris living and working there as Dandy consuming Absinth drug en vogue there.He wrote most important romantical piano pieces walzes, etudes, polonaises, preludes and nocturnes, two medium level piano concertos.He was as performer with Lizst co inventor of modern concerto piano.His harmonical work is remarkable deep.On the other hand he did this like Liszt more or less only at the piano and not like Wagner with orchestra.In Germany and Poland Chopin is be seen as polish.In French world as French man…

Out of his huge work some most important tunes:

Etude E – major Op.10 Nr. 3 ,
Etude C – minor Op.10 Nr. 12 Revolution Etude,
Fantasia Impromptu – Cis minor Op.66,
Prelude E – minor Op.28 Nr.4,
Prelude D flat – major Op.28 Nr. 15 Raindrops Prelude,
Walz Op.64 Nr.1 Minutes Walz,
Walz Nr.7 Cis minor Op.64 Nr.2,
Walz Nr. 9 Op.69 A flat major Nr.1,
Walz Nr.14 Op.poshum E minor ,
Nocturne E flat Op.9 Nr.2

Concerto for piano and orchestra Nr. 1 E – minor Op. 11,
Concerto for piano and orchestra Nr.2 F – minor Op.21.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.If you like music like that than you will probably like my pianowork as composer too.There is a collection of 25 early pianoworks of mine therefore called JEUNESSE / Youth.Apart from that there is a 1.Concerto for piano and orchestra STRASBURG or STRASBOURG in 4 movements version 2015.Soon there will be a adult part of piano pieces as second part in full Chopin quality.Its online as playlist here: or