Franz Schubert – composer

Franz Schubert is the great austrian composer born there in Vienna.Unfortunatelly he died with 31 born as child Nr 12 of 14 children.Reason was a visit in a sex club where he bought some symphilis in the end.He died maybee by syphilis maybee by quicksilver given by dangerous ignorant medicins in powerty.Cause his ma died he was only pupil of popular Antionio Salieri and not of late Mozart of much better quality.He is famous for his serious songs ( about 600 ) Schöne Müllerin, Winterreise etc , two remarkable symphonies, some good Impromtus pianoworks, The Trout – Forellenquintett , Sonatas and Rosamunde.

Most important tunes :

Symphony Nr. 7 B – minor Unfullfilled D 759,
Symphony Nr 9 in C – major The Great D 999,
Symphony Nr. 5 in A flat- major D 485 – first movement Allegro.
The Trout – Forellen Quintett in A – major D 667,
Piano Trio Nr.1 B flat major D898,
Impromptus D 899 Op. 90
Nr2 E flat major,
Nr.3 G flat major,
Nr. 4 A flat major,
Impromptus D 935 Op. post mortem 142
Nr. 2 A flat major,
Nr.3 B major
Aria Ave Maria,
Forelle – The Trout D550,
Erlkönig ( Goethe ) D328,
Heidenröslein D257,
Lindenbaum / Am Brunnen vor dem Tore D911 Op 89 Nr.5
Die schöne Müllerin
Rosamunde – D797

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