Giovanni Battista Pergolesi / composer

The itallian composer Pergolesi died with 26.His most important work is Stabat Mater one of the best Oratories.On the other hand the remarkable quality is more or less first movement only.Ignoring his short live there was religious political speculation concerning influences on J.S. Bach.Recently there was found a new work of itallian Pergolesi.Its called Septem verba a Christo – premiere 2012.I dont know it till now.But there are good critics.Historical Scherchen ( how to conduct ) was in favor for this.My problem with results of Rene Jacobs , conductor and music scientist, is this : 9 of 10 works given to name of Pergolesi were plagiats / not true.This is rather seldom but not concerning Pergolesi how it seems.Its quite obviously 30 years war between catholic and lutheran church for haveing right believe folowing to arguments… faceing lutheran Bach ,.. me… and Händel.My Oratory Deus genitor mundi, not neapolitan much better than Pergolesi has precisely 7 movements.I wrote first movement and third … basically in 1991 during Strasbourg sciences economiques studies there but at home visiting Ma at Munich.Second movement I wrote in 1993 in Augsburg Beethoven street 3, in my first habitation in a students group for a while there.Last version I gave also to Marx Munich Katholic Bishop in about 2008 and naturally to some publishers.Its oekomenical .The perfect last version with libretto , especially in last movement quite different, I wrote in 2013 – 2014.Naturally I gave this to some choirs and great publishers.Till now I have no contract for this.On the other hand I gave only CDS not partitions.I will try to hear the new Pergolesi to chec it.I’m true.Im composer not music scientist even when all my studies were officially music sciences.Im composer,but I got only a place in Regensburg for economics not in Munich where I had habitation at Mum and easyly work as only financement.Therefore I signed at Ludwig Maximilia Univerity Munich LMU concerning music sciences waiting half a year cause im musician.Therfore my studies book is music sciences even if its economics, sciences economiques , law…. But in first line Im in deed autodidactyly like Wagner and Haydn …musician.Nevertheless Im not a specialist for compareing works concerning historical authorship.This was not my subject.

Most important tunes :

Stabat Mater , especially first movement.
NEW MAYBEE : Septem verba a Christo 1736 / Premiere 2012 – hamonia mundi

La morte di San Giuseppe.
Opera La serva padrona
Flute concerto.

O.F.D PS : If you like oratories and respectable writing of young Pergolesi than you will probably like my ecomenical oratory Deus Genitor Mundi in 7 movements if you are not a J.S.Bach hater. Its online as playlist in final version of 2013 here : or at