Georg Friedrich Händel / composer

Born in Halle Germany he studied Law.But soon he left Halle moveing to Haburg as Cembalist and Violonist.After writing of famous Wasermusik – Water music for a royal voyafe on the Themse he went to Great Britain as british civilian.There he stayed living like a king finally burried with greatest men of Britain and all kings in Westminster Abbey London.He was never married officially.But his private rooms were full of paintings of naked women like Rubens.Probably he was quite normal.He feared the better J. S. Bach avoiding personal contact and Bach was respecting him.In the end a son of Bach got the job of Händel as successor as composer of the British crown at London.Following to his job Händel has composed a lot of remarkable operas and not as much oratories of importance like Bach did.Along with that he was delivering some remarkable concertos.In public Watermusik Wassermusik and Fireworksmusic Feuerwerksmusik are quite popular but not realy important.A treasure of tone setting are his 12 concerti Grossi equivalent to Bach.He was the last composer using Kastratos as singer now done by countertenors or women.Georg Friedrich Händel is centainly one of the top 10 or top 5 composers in music history of mankind.

Most important works of him :

12 Concerto Grossi Nr. 6 and Nr. 3,
Concerto for Harp Op.4 Nr 6 B- major , HWD 294
Organ concerto Nr. 6 B – major Op.4,6 Andanate,
Organ concerto Nr. 1 G – minor Adagio , Andante,
Organ concerto Nr. 5 F – major Op.4,5 Allegro etc,
Organ concerto Nr. 10 D – minor Op. 7,4 Allegro,
Organ concerto Nr. 1 G – minor Op.1,1 Larghetto,
Opera Rinaldo,
Opera Xerxes : Ombra mai fu
Opera Alcina,
Opera Orlando,
Catato con stromenti : Dank sei Dir Herr
Oratory Messias etc
Watermusic / Wassermusik – Suite 1 and 2,
Fireworks music / Feuerwerksmusik in D – major

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