Felix Mendelsohn Bartholdy – composer / performer

Hamburg born Felix Mendelsohn Bartoldy and sister Fanny were descendants of Hamburg / Berlin banker familly Openheimer Mendelsohn.His pa Abraham was shifting in Hamburg to liberal protentantism following to Luther and after birth of Felix to Berlin.He made a huge fortune by breking the embargo by Napoleon concerning commerce with Great Britain.Felix was pupil of his mum Lea a pianist and later of composer C.F. Zelter but studeing at Berlin philosopphy and history.But his pa Mosheles Mendelsohn was one of the main philosophers of Zionism rebuilding Israel in Palestine or on german soil.Felix Mendelsohn was officially realy Lutheran writing Refomation Symphony his last Nr.5 with Luther Choral inspired of protestant God of music J.S. Bach.Rather big and expensive Passion of Mathew of Bach was after more than 50 years break first time conducted by Mendelsohn ,one of the best works ever.He was also conducting premiere of Symphony Nr.7 the Unfullfilled of Schubert and he was founder of konservatory of Leipzig.Vitus Bach came from Austria Hungary as baker ( Bach ) to German lutheran soil in Thueringen Germany running for his life during 30 years war discussion.Details at www.bach.de With french Meyerbeer Mendelsohn who worked in Leipzig Germany is the only more or less relevant jewish composer follwing to religious view of strong jewish believers claiming music for them like all genius and intelligence as people of God.Nobody knows.

Most important tunes :

Symphonie Itallian Nr.4 A – minor Op.90,
Symphonie Scottish Nr.3 A minor Op.56,
Violin conceto E- minor Op.64,
Oktett for Strings in E flat – major Op.20,
Elias Oratory Op.70,
Christus Oratory Op. 97,
Piano Trio Nr.1 in D – minor Op.49,
Auf den Flügeln des Gesanges, further serious songs.
Songs without words Lieder ohne Worte Op.62.Nr.3, Op.30, Op.19
Wedding March Hochzeitsmarsch aus A Sommernights Dream Op.61 / Op.61,
Die Hebriden Op.26

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