Pyotr Illitsch Tschaikowsky – Peter Tschaikowsky

Tschaikowsky is the most important composer of Russians apart from Borodin Katschaturian and Stravinsky.He is not as serious as Mozart Bach Wagner Händel Beethoven but certainly of remarkable quality.He was cancelling his law studies with 22 to do only music in future.He wrote 6 symphonies the Opera Eugen Onegin,several balletts or suites,3 piano concertos,one Violin concerto.His music style is quite emotional.Unfortunatelly he was gay.When he had a comming out in public he made suizide.

His most important works are:

Symphony Nr6 : Pathetique
Concerto for Piano and Orchester Nr.1 B – minor Op. 23,
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra in D – major Op.35 ( hard to play )
Romeo and Julia Ouverture,
Capricio Itallien,
Nutcracker Nussknacker Ballett suite Op 71 a especially Blumenwalzer , Flower Walz,
Swanlake Schwanensee Ballett Suite Op. 20,
Dornröschen Ballet Suite Op. 66,
Serenade for strings Op.48,
Piano Trio in A – minor op 50

O.F.D This list is still not complete.I have studied law.Im composer.I wrote a romantical Piano Concerto equivalent to Tschaikowsky called Strasburg where I wrote first version during studies of economics there in 1990-92.But most law students are not cancelling law studies makeing suizide as gay.Probably Händel was living like a king in England studeing law at first but without gay / suizide scenario.Im not russian, not gay and not suizider with or without pressure. Im normal hetero ! But if you like famous Piano concerto Nr 1 b – Minor of Tschaikowsky then you will like probably mine too.Its in final version 2015 online as Playlist STRASBOURG Piano Concerto here : or
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