George Gershwin / composer musical , concerti

George Gershwin was an american composer who offers a great musical but also a post romantrical piano concerto.He is apart from Jazz best american result in serious music more or less.

Most important tunes :

Piano concerto Serenade in blue
Musical Porgy and Bess :
Bess you is my wife,
It aint neccesaryly so,
I got plenty of nothin‘

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.If you like music like that then chec my work as composer Oliver Frederic Dieck.There are 6 symphonies,Vita Organ concerto , Strasburg piano concerto and Elegance violin concerto, the opera Veritas,the oratory Deus genitor mundi , Eden 4 string serenades,Jeunesse Pianoworks,Seepferdchen songs,Goldener Walzertraum 10 Symphonic walzes etc
Soon there will be a marvellous musical called Siluettes.

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