Leonard Bernstein – composer musical / conductor

American Leonard Bernstein is jewish and first self made american top conductor.During lifetime be seen as equivalent to Karajan as conductor Karajan said that he will only conduct cause he would compose like Beethoven or Mozart tradition and this is not possible for him.He said this is also an excuse concerning his NSDAP membership cause of unpiece of Versailles after First Worldwar and european or german music genius. ( Instead of Freud Theory “ Drei Abhandlungen “ perversion = intelligence = talent if its not jewish and jewish is Adam and Eve I must add ?!? ). They were friends in a way respecting each other as persons and conductors.And me as most important composer , I like West Side Story , probably best musical with Porgy and Bess of Gershwin.Meanwhile I have some experiances with jewish imagination of politeness and truth.I recommend to you record with Jose Carreras and Kiri te Kanawa.Its mine and last superwised by Bernstein himself.But hearing evrything else of this composer was a great shock for me.It was unbearable most his Symphony Jeremajah.Now I read the cover and anything else.There you can read all Music by Leonhard Bernstein but also based on a conception of Jerome Robins.Production on Broadway by Robert E. Griffith and Herold S. Price by Arrangement with Roger L.Stevens.Bigger : Orchestration by Leonhard Bernstein with Sid Ramin and Irwin Kostal.Text is by Steven Sondheim.Orchestration / Arrangement is perfectly.Was it possible to buy and sell composers authorship in America in that time ? Since 1987 copyright is harmonized worldwide especially between USA and Europe.But before ? Is this strong believers face work ? Hear other works of Bernstein and you will get me.Maybee this is result of his lifetime , maybee.Maybee not.But its good.

Most important tune :

West Side Story :
I feel pretty,

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