Giaccomo Puccini / composer

Giaccomo Puccini was a neapolitan itallian katholic opera composer but living quite modern prefering women ( Its waiting „Una vagina fresca“ … ( Puccini ) „) more or less artist like Lutheran or free.Concerning harmonics Puccini is what Wagner was in german context , much more than Verdi.His harmonics are a deep enlargement.On the other hand he used to do a mix of describeing orchestral music and a fews hits per opera only.Economical sight of things.He died not by cancer as pipe smoker.He died by medicins and their radium therapy.For this everlasting genetical based level on top medicin is quite often dangerous abuse , simply politics ,ideology protection and strong believers mad radical war , it seems.

Most important tunes :

O mio Bambino caro,
Opera La Boheme:
Che gelida Manina,
O soave faciulla,
O Mimi ,tu piu non torni,
Si mi chiama Mimi,
Donde letta usci
Addio, dolce svegliare alla mattina,
Opera Tosca:
E Lucevan le stelle,
Recondita harmonia,
Opera Madame Butterfly:
O quanti occi fisi,
Amore o grillo,
Non ve l’avevo detto,
Un bel di redemo
Opera Turandot ( post mortem completed ):
Nessun dorma

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Ps : If you like Opera shown by late Mozart Beethoven and Puccini you will certainly like my big opera VERITAS ( demo ) It is consisting of more or less 30 new hit arias one quite good ouverture.Its as good as two latest Mozart operas together at least, but not if composer sings and plays evrything how friendly Tenor Rolando Villazon said.I will soon deliver partition.You’l find it here as playlist ( full 3 hours Demo ) or Libreto text also by myself in German, partly on Schiller level.Its an easy love commedy but its also most severe poltitics for democratical liberal state human rights and against millitarry dictatorship police state and secret service medicin abuse terror with fundamental biographical aspects and not a simple entertainment farytale. Its for basical freedom and against all conquerors and dictators in this world.