Aram Chatschaturjan / Katschaturjan / Katschaturian

The Russian Armenian composer Aram Chatschaturjan died 1978.He was famous for his Balletts and suites in first line.But he did also a famous Violin Concerto and a often played Symphony.His music its when russian bear moves quite peacefully and tenderly to his soft lady with great impresessive post romantical emotions.He was Professor at Moskau Conservatory for composing as studied composer,Pianist and Violocello performer.In east west cold war western world ignored him more or less like me even Im from Munich Germany and maximum middle European.Mad generals world.

Most important tunes :

Gayamet Ballet :
Sword Dance,
Ageshas Dance,
Spartacus Ballet :
Adagio ( for all slaves ! ),
Masquerade Suite :
1. movement,
Violin Concerto 2. movement
Symphony Nr. 2

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