Hagen Quartett / performer / strings quartett

Hagen Quartett is more than 30 years old and one of the top 5 quartetts of this genre.They are doing Beethoven and experimental composers as well.
They are one of the standard quartets at Mozarteum during Opera festival Salzburg.

O.F.D This list is still incomplete.Hello Hagen Quartett.We met last time all 4 in Mozarteum.One black bearded ( = not certain ) with Violin maybee at Augsburg 2013 in my street during Augsburg jewish David Oistrach violin contest at Leopold Mozart conservatory / university.Bad story.My composer suitcase is missing with Laptop.I would like to have this back if possible if you know something.Its evrything protected.This will never be russian jewish etc…Anyway.Orchestra is honest even if friended with experimental Widmann a russian jew as far as I know playing clarinett.Have you heard cd EDEN with my 4 string quartetts with 7 movements each Nympheas, Schwertlilien, Strelizien , Calla.Not ? Then please go online.www.o-f-d.de – > EDEN Sincerly O.F.D